This was the dramatic moment indies evangelist Shuhei Yoshida showed a PlayStation game running on a portable for the first time since the PS Vita. Sony dropped out of the handheld market when its PSP successor failed to find an audience, but Yoshida – formerly the boss of PlayStation Studios – was always a big believer in the device.

These days he’s resorted to enjoying titles like Horizon Zero Dawn on pocketable PCs, like the upcoming Steam Deck, as pictured here. Yoshida stopped short of commenting on the experience of actually playing the critically acclaimed open worlder on Valve’s new toy, but it certainly looks stunning in the off-screen photograph he provided.

With Sony establishing a new PlayStation PC division, and franchises like God of War and Uncharted coming to Steam in the near future, it looks like his new Steam Deck will be getting a workout with PlayStation Studios releases in the future. Are any of you planning to pick up the impending portable? Take your Steam library out and about with you in the comments section below.