This video from Game Informer is probably our best look at the new Saints Row so far. The gameplay embedded above certainly entertains, as the Boss attempts to escape the clutches of law enforcement. It's got high-speed crashes, exploding cars, and a glimpse of gunplay. That said, there is a point in this footage where the cops just seem to stand around rather awkwardly, but this is an early build, so some lenience is required. All in all, it looks a lot like a Saints Row game — just bigger and prettier.

Honestly, we're expecting Saints Row to be a lot of fun to play, but the game's popularity is still going to hinge on its characters and story. As we said just recently, we think an in-depth gameplay demo would go a long way in helping to sell this new vision for the series. Hopefully we get one soon.

How do you think the new Saints Row is shaping up? Keep one eye on your minimap in the comments section below.