PlayStation Japan Play Play Play

Cast your mind back a year or so and you may remember Japanese streamers and YouTubers being some of the first in the world to see the PlayStation 5 console and selection of launch games in the flesh, and then post hands on videos about them. It was a fun little way of showing the system off, and now Sony is doing a similar sort of thing again this month under the "Play! Play! Play!" branding. It's a showcase with the likes of Elden Ring, Dragon Quest X Offline, and Horizon Forbidden West appearing.

The upcoming FromSoftware title won't be showing anything new, but VTuber Dennou Shojo Siro will have "a deep discussion" about the game with host Hatsune Matsushima. Dragon Quest X Offline will share the first glimpse of gameplay, and Horizon Forbidden West will do the same as Elden Ring — unveil previously confirmed elements and gameplay clips to a Japanese audience.

Other PS5, PS4 titles confirmed for the Play! Play! Play! showcase are:

The livestream is slated for 16th October 2021, and while it doesn't sound like the show will be very newsworthy for western audiences, we'll bring you any interesting details right here on the site.