GTA San Andreas PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It’s hard to believe that Rockstar is yet to officially acknowledge the existence of its remastered GTA Trilogy when you consider just how much has leaked already. In addition to the original round of rumours, there have been ratings listed all over the world, and now we even have access to the Trophy artwork, which was posted on the popular GTA Forums.

Here’s a quick look at the icons being used for GTA: San Andreas, for example:

Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that these are incredibly similar to the symbols used for the PS2 ports of the GTA games already available on the PS4, although there are some new ones. In the case of GTA: San Andreas, for example, both the basketball and Big Foot are new, suggesting there may be some new tasks for you to complete in this compilation.

In other related news, Rockstar has updated its PC-based launcher, and the source code includes various references to these titles. It seems to suggest they’re running in the Unreal Engine, which has prompted some to speculate they may be remakes rather than ports. That seems unlikely to us, although we remain hopeful that all three titles have been cleaned up and modernised in key areas.

After all, some better checkpointing and a smoother difficulty curve wouldn’t go amiss in these classics, would it?

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