If you weren’t impressed with the recent GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition trailer, then perhaps this comparison will change your mind. This clip takes Rockstar’s original reveal and builds it out, showing direct comparisons with the classic games on both the PlayStation 2 and PC. You may have missed many of these tweaks, so it’s quite eye-opening seeing them examined like this.

For example, we see a brief shot of a train in GTA 3. In the original game, the lighting is flat and the train tracks are jagged. In the re-releases, Rockstar has not only rounded the tracks out, but also added reflections to the metallic surfaces. It’s also incorporated better foliage across the board, and even completely rebuilt some models, adding plants and more defined geometry.

This clearly toes the line between remaster and remake: Rockstar has completely rebuilt some assets, but managed to maintain the original “look” of the games. It’s an impressive achievement, because this is a difficult balance to strike. The best way we can describe the PlayStation 5 and PS4 versions is thus: the titles look like how you remember them.

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