Square Enix has a brand new RPG launching on PlayStation 4 today, and there's a fairly good chance you've never heard of it. Announced just a few weeks ago alongside the quite promising Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, grid-based RPG Dungeon Encounters can be picked up now from the PS Store. Better yet, PS Plus subscribers can actually save 20 per cent on the price for two weeks from today, bringing the cost down to £19.99/$23.99.

A launch trailer accompanies the release, and it likely does a better job of explaining the game than we ever could. You need to navigate a literal grid with the intention of plotting all of its pathways and taking part in battles as you happen to come across them. We've no idea if it's any good or not since no other outlets have posted a review just yet, but maybe Dungeon Encounters is up your alley anyway. Final Fantasy XII director Hiroyuki Ito holds the same credit for this game, so it has that going for it.

"An otherworldly labyrinth has suddenly appeared on the outskirts of a quiet town. Make clever use of your abilities to chart the depths, overcome obstacles and defeat your foes in thrilling battles," reads the PS Store description. Are you taking a punt on Dungeon Encounters? Share your first impressions if so in the comments below.

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