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The first update for FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5 and PS4 is out now, and it’s absolutely enormous in terms of alterations and improvements. Among the changes are a laundry list of gameplay enhancements, including some tweaks to the way goalkeepers work. While you’re still going to be up against prime Peter Schmeichel most of the time, EA Sports has toned down the “effectiveness of goalkeepers when diving for top corner shots taken from inside of the penalty box”.

If you’ve been having issues scoring, though, don’t think you’re suddenly going to be banging in goals with ease: we spent a few hours playing with the new patch installed and still fell victim to plenty of goalkeeping heroics. If you need help on that front, you can find out How to Score Past Goalkeepers through the link.

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Other alterations include new animations when goalkeepers reach for finesse shots, which is intended to provide “more authentic looking reactions” but may also result in more saves. (This is probably a good thing, of course, as these types of shots are a little overpowered in our opinion.) There are also some changes to logic which caused defenders to get completely pulled out of position during corners, something which has already cost us a couple of games.

Elsewhere, there are hundreds of other minor tweaks and improvements, ranging from bug fixes through to user interface alterations. Three new songs have been added to the soundtrack, in addition to 31 face scans. You can find the full patch notes through here, as well as our FIFA 22 guide through the link.