There are only so many ways you can present a turn-based RPG, but it seems Square Enix is making attempts to find new ones. We've already had the announcement of Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, which puts a playing card twist on the JRPG, and now, the publisher has announced Dungeon Encounters.

This newly unveiled game is another turn-based RPG, but this time, it pops you down on maps made up of squares aligned in a grid. You'll probably have to watch the above trailer to get the idea. With some Final Fantasy pedigree at the helm — Hiroyuki Ito is directing, while Hiroaki Kato is on board as producer — there's every chance this could be a pleasant surprise.

Gameplay has you exploring these grid-based dungeons, aiming to chart every inch of the maps and searching for hidden treasures, lost characters, and more. Of course, you'll also bring your party into battles, which look to be a pretty straightforward turn-based affair. It looks as though you'll have to choose the right teammates and strategise a little to make your way deeper and deeper into the dungeons.

The game is set for release on PlayStation 4 on 14th October 2021, so it's only a couple of weeks away. What do you think of Dungeon Encounters? Be there or be square in the comments section below.