Deathloop PS5

It's been a hot second or two since Deathloop launched on PlayStation 5, but Arkane Studios isn't about to abandon the title as its first post-launch has just been deployed. It's a hefty one, weighing in at 5.213GB, and it addresses all sorts of problems. PS5 specific features such as Game Help and Activity Cards have been improved, and so too has DualSense controller implementation. Alongside those fixes are Trophy tweaks and corrections for various bugs and glitches. You can even look forward to changes made to Julianna, who will no longer hear radio conversations meant only for Colt.

Listed below are the full patch notes for Deathloop update 1.1 on PS5.

Deathloop Update 1.1 PS5 Patch Notes

  • Added HDR calibration screen to UI options
  • Improved performance and stability when ray tracing is turned on
  • Improved NPC pathing and reactions to the player
  • Added an indicator of poor connection quality in the upper right of the screen (resembles a speedometer with an exclamation point)
  • Improved the content of PS5 Activities & Game Help systems
  • Improved vibrations on DualSense controller
  • Improved audio mix quality
  • Fixed laser mines, turrets and fireworks behavior for both Colt and Julianna players
  • Fixed unlock issue with “Oops” and “Deathday Suit” trophies
  • Fixed issue that could cause Colt’s progression to be reset even if player chose ‘no’ on confirmation
  • Fixed crash issue when a player unlocks a feat using Havoc while playing as Julianna
  • Fixed Aleksis Dorsey reactions, making him easier to identify among his party guests
  • Fixed issue that was causing assassinations to glitch sometimes while playing as Julianna
  • Julianna’s actions no longer directly unlock trophies for Colt
  • Julianna players will no longer hear radio conversations meant for only Colt
  • Fixed issue with leaning inconsistency (inputs will no longer be ignored sporadically)