PS5 Darkplates 2.0
Image: dbrand

Over the weekend, you might have read about dbrand's dispute with Sony over the company's replacement PlayStation 5 faceplates. In a nutshell, dbrand put its black 'Darkplates' on sale, and some time later, Sony's legal team sent it a cease and desist letter, claiming the product infringed on trademarks as well as a patent over the shape of the plates. While the plate producers complied with Sony's letter, it's now brought Darkplates back with a new, legally distinct design.

Darkplates 2.0 aim to dodge claims of infringement with a new shape and design. These faceplates conform more closely to the inner part of the console, getting rid of PS5's "collar" corners. Additionally, a vent on either side provides more air flow to the PS5's enormous cooling fan. They're now also available to buy in black, white, and "retro gray", inspired by a "retro console that shall remain nameless".

Posting on its Reddit page once again, dbrand is confident that this new design "successfully closes the loop on this dispute and neutralizes any future infringement claims from Sony". It goes on to suggest the platform holder will lose if it tries to sue over this new design. "The difference this time is that we’ve created an original design for which they have no basis to allege infringement," dbrand says. "If they want to try, they'd better be ready to pay our legal fees."

It's quite clear that dbrand has used all of this drama as a marketing stunt for its new Darkplates, and it's working; the new plates have been selling like hot cakes, with a third wave of stock not shipping until January.

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