Spotify has been partnered with PlayStation for a number of years, with the app integrated into both the PS5 and PS4 systems. It's obviously a great way to get your tunes onto your console, granting you access to countless artists, songs, and podcasts. That's all well and good, but it looks as though a competitor, Apple Music, might also be appearing on PS5 in the future.

Reddit Post PS5 Apple Music
Image: Reddit

This stems from the above Reddit post, which shows Apple's music streaming app while setting up a new account on a PS5 console. It currently doesn't work when selected, telling the user it's "only playable on PS4", which is odd, because PS4 doesn't have a dedicated Apple Music app either. While we've been unable to reproduce this ourselves, Eurogamer reporter Ishraq Subhan did in fact get the app to show up in the same place.

PS5 supporting Apple Music isn't much of a stretch, and if the app is indeed popping up ahead of an official announcement, it suggests work on the backend is basically ready to roll. Apple has a presentation lined up on Monday 18th October, so it's possible this partnership will be announced there.

Something to be aware of, then. Are you an Apple Music subscriber? Would you like to see it come to PS5? Tell us in the comments section below.

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