Remember Chorus? That space combat game announced roughly 18 months ago during the third-party specific Xbox Series X showcase everyone would rather forget? It's suddenly reappeared with a PlayStation 5 and PS4 release date of 3rd December 2021. If you can't remember what we're talking about, the 101 trailer embedded above should get you up to speed. You'll play as pilot Nara, who's trying to take down the dark cult that created her.

It seems like the majority of gameplay will have you fighting against the Great Prophet's mercenaries and allies out in the vast reaches of space, but a YouTube description also notes how you'll be able to explore ancient temples, so maybe certain sections provide chances for a breather. Your spaceship is sentient and grows in power as the story progresses, with side quests and rebellion leads to engage with.

Pre-orders are available now on the PS Store for £34.99/$39.99 and come with the Elder Armor Skin Set. "Resplendent in gold and purple livery, reserved only for the most exalted members of the Circle, the Elder Skin Set harks back to Nara's military past. This cosmetic pack can be applied to Forsaken as well as all three of the starting weapons: the Gatling Gun, Missile Launcher and Laser Cannon."