If there's one thing developer Fishlabs knows well, it's space combat and exploration. Despite little previous experience with PlayStation hardware, its PS5 debut Chorus shares many similarities with its long-running mobile series Galaxy on Fire. As a result, Chorus is a confident first stab at a high profile release for the team, displaying stunning visuals, slick combat, and an intriguing cast of characters.

The game follows Nara, a highly skilled pilot haunted by her past demons, who must navigate an open-world asteroid field with her sentient ship 'Forsaken' in order to defeat an organisation known as The Circle. As you explore the vast yet pleasantly accessible environment, you’ll fight hordes of enemy ships and gain new weapons and abilities to assist in your endeavours.

Accessing new abilities is accomplished via temples scattered about the open world. You’ll start off the game with the ability to scan your environment for clues and items, but you’ll soon gain access to new moves like teleportation, which lets you instantly warp behind enemies, giving you a clear shot on their shiny backsides.

Weapons look great and feel incredibly responsive and powerful. You’ll start with a gatling gun that has a superb rate of fire, and this is reflected wonderfully in the DualSense's haptic feedback. You'll unlock new weapons as you progress, like a laser gun and javelin missile launcher, and you can upgrade all of your weapons and ship capabilities through purchases at the 'Enclave' hangar.

Although the basic storyline may be largely nonsensical, you'll come across a nice selection of characters to assist on your travels, all of whom are fully voice acted with their own minor backstories. Nara and Forsaken often exchange pleasantries, but their conversations can sometimes come across a bit clinical, and would have benefited greatly from a bit of added humour.