It feels like we're covering a big No Man's Sky update every other month at this point, and the latest one titled Frontiers is no different. It focuses on the base building mechanics of the space explorer and expands them to such a degree that you can now begin building your very own settlement, complete with alien inhabitants. After downloading the new patch, every occupied planet will contain a settlement you can apply to become the overseer of.

From there, you'll govern "town planning, treasury management, policy decisions and conflict resolution. Every settlement is procedurally generated, with unique buildings, neighbourhood layouts, colour schemes, and interior and exterior decoration." With enough resources, you can then start to expand your own part of paradise into a flourishing town packed full of aliens. You'll even have to take care of disputes between settlers and try to make them happy.

In order to achieve all this, hundreds of new base parts have been added to No Man's Sky. From timber and stone through to alloy, you can add a personal touch to your base. Hello Games' Sean Murray explains: "See all your building parts in an easy-to-parse grid. You’ll notice some you forgot about! You can now pick up and move base parts you’ve placed, duplicate parts, or build impossible new structures in free place mode."

The game's visuals have also received a bit of a touch-up, with nearly all effects improved. "Weapons and explosions feel much more punchy and add a new visceral element to combat." That's yet another gigantic update for No Man's Sky; could it tempt you into playing the game again? Get planning your settlement in the comments below.