Fortnite Balenciaga

Balenciaga, the high-end retail outlet famed for its Triple S and very questionable Speed trainers, is getting into the game merchandise business with a Fortnite clothing range that will cost you just about an arm and a leg. Take the plain white shite featured in the lead image of this article: that will set you back $995. We are sure the clothing brand will argue the garment is manufactured with the most high-end materials available, but lads, it's a white shirt with the words "Fortnite Balenciaga" stitched into one side. Maybe the pocket just below the logo adds further value? We're not so sure.

If you wanted to splash even more cash, you could pair the shirt with a cap in the same colour featuring the same logo, except it also dons Fortnite location name Retail Row on the front, spelt out in different languages. Then there's also a rather standard t-shirt for $495, Nevermind Cat sunglasses are sold at $630 and are already out of stock, and a black sweatshirt for $1,150 — it too is already out of stock. If you really want to check out the full range, click through the link.

Alternatively, if you'd rather look like a real-life Balenciaga model within Fortnite, the Battle Royale game is offering a range of in-game items for purchase inspired by past looks the brand has offered. They include backpack back bling cosmetics, which would cost you $900 in the real world, and new pickaxes based on those horrible Speed trainers. So, if you've got a son or daughter that's currently obsessed with Fortnite, we suppose you've now found the Christmas present you've been looking for.

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