Doctor Who is a sci-fi franchise that's obviously done very well for itself on TV, but what about games? Well, there have been attempts to make the time-travelling escapades into an interactive experience, though the quality has varied. In 2019, we got Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, a PlayStation VR game that didn't quite meet its potential. Fast forward to now, and PS4 owners can play Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, a well-received mobile adventure that's been ported to consoles.

From developer Kaigan Games, best known for Simulacra, The Lonely Assassins is a found phone horror adventure that expands on the fan-favourite threat of the Weeping Angels. Picking up where the TV episode 'Blink' left off, you discover the phone of someone who's disappeared, and you'll solve the mystery alongside original characters. You'll be searching for clues in text messages, emails, videos, and more to learn what happened and how those spooky moving statues are involved. Jodie Whittaker even reprises her role as the Doctor.

The game actually released in Europe back in July, but just launched for North America a few days ago. It's available for Β£9.99 / $12.99, and sounds like it may be worth a look for all you Whovians out there.