Truck Driver PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Considering we already have firefighter and even airport management simulators on console, then it’s a real shock that Euro Truck Simulator hasn’t made the jump yet. SOEDESCO attempted to plug the gap a few years back with Truck Driver on the PlayStation 4, but it didn’t get off to the best start – in fact, it actually replaced the developer after release, and hired another studio to patch the package up.

Now it’s getting a PS5 re-release in the form of Truck Driver: Premium Edition, which is currently slated to make a stop on Sony’s next-gen format from 30th September. This will include all previously released DLC, including a “brand-new map that features Nordic-inspired landscapes and a scenic country called Mangefjell”. All of the vehicles have been remodelled to take advantage of the new hardware as well.

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