For the first time in years, EA Sports is investing in Franchise mode in Madden NFL 22, and it’s making some massive improvements to the mode. One oft-requested update, Scouting, will be added post-release in a September live service update – and it sounds like a big improvement. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the hustle of recruiting rookies and training them up, then you’ll probably want to watch the EA Play Live Spotlight above.

While the video does spend a large chunk of time recapping things we already know – like the changes to the user interface and the addition of game planning – it’s the new Scouting system that’s the star of the show here. This sees you sending scouts out to watch youngsters, as you build up a profile of who you’re going to draft. However, there’s an extra layer of strategy involved: the more attention you put on a player, the more media coverage they’ll get, raising their profile.

As a result, it’s harder to keep talent under the radar, and that means you may need to trade up in the NFL Draft to ensure you get your man. It all sounds like a massive improvement on the existing system – where you simply spent points every week to uncover each player’s strengths – and will definitely add depth to the team building aspect of Franchise mode.