The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles just released on PlayStation 4 yesterday, and if you ask us, it's a cracking adventure game for fans and newcomers alike. Capcom's melodramatic courtroom visual novels are relatively new to Sony's ecosystem, but it's clear why this franchise is so beloved, and this latest collection is easily as good as the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. But that's just what we think; Capcom wants to know your thoughts.

The publisher has produced an online survey regarding this new release, and has made a call for players to fill it out:

If you have a few spare minutes to answer the questionnaire, Capcom will reward you with free wallpapers for your computer and your smart phone of choice. Can't argue against free stuff, right? The survey itself doesn't take very long at all, and essentially is gauging your opinion of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and its various component pieces. It also goes on to ask about your general gaming tastes as well as spending habits, par for the course with these things.

Anyway, now's your chance to tell Capcom how you feel about this new game. Have you provided your answers yet? Make your case in the comments section below.

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