American Hero, a previously unfinished Atari Jaguar CD full-motion video game, will release on “console” later this year. While the title was never completed, actor Timothy Bottoms will return to his starring role in order to record new dialogue and voiceover to complete the original script. No specific platforms are mentioned in the press release, but expect this to deploy on the PlayStation 4.

“In American Hero, players take on the role of former American intelligence officer Jack on a mission to stop the malicious virologist Krueger who plans to unleash a sinister virus upon the Los Angeles water supply,” the blurb reads. “Players will face spur-of-the-moment decisions that will help or hinder Jack as he tries to protect the only scientist who has the cure for this deadly pathogen.”

The port is being billed as a kind of restorative, preservation effort: “With American Hero, we sought to balance conservation of the project’s original vision with editorial restoration wherever game assets were incomplete. We feel that this was the best approach to resurrect the game and allow players a chance to experience a title that was never released to the public.”

It’s wild to see a project like this see the light of day, especially considering it was never completed. Nevertheless, this awkward era of FMV has been enjoying something of a renaissance of late – the outrageously awful Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties is also due a PS4 re-release later this year, despite being recognised as one of the worst games ever made.