You know, sports games don't really need a story mode, but we're glad they exist. F1 2021 is the latest annual sporting title to go this route, with its narrative focused Braking Point mode a big new feature for the upcoming instalment. In addition to the regular career and MyTeam, you'll be able to enjoy a story mode with a whole bunch of characters on and off the track.

Some new details and screenshots have been released, and this thing is looking cheesy as heck. You play as an up-and-coming driver named Aiden Jackson. He's worked his way up through Formula 2, and is about to enter his very first season of F1. He's teammates with seasoned racer Casper Akkerman, and rivals with Devon Butler, an antagonist who returns from F1 2019. You'll also encounter team manager Brian Doyle and Akkerman's wife, Zoe, during the story. You can read more about each character through here — it really seems like Codemasters is shooting for a dramatic ensemble piece here, and we're down for it. Bring on the cheese.

We're definitely curious to see how this plays out when the game arrives on 16th July. Will you be firing up Braking Point in F1 2021? Are you excited to meet all these characters? Tell us in the comments section below.