PlayStation Talents is a relativity low-profile scheme run by Sony that helps the smallest developers across Spain bring their games to consoles, and the initiative has now revealed its latest endeavour. Aeternum Game Studios will be releasing Aeterna Noctis for both PS5 and PS4 on 15th December 2021, bringing with it a 2D experience all about fast-paced combat and tough puzzle platforming. It will be fully localised for eight different languages through the help of PlayStation Talents, greatly expanding the scope of the title.

A PlayStation Blog post reveals you'll be playing as the King of Darkness, who must unlock the sects of Aeterna Noctis' world. "You can improve your abilities through a huge skill tree, choosing between three different paths: ranged, melee and magic. Allowing you to personalize your playstyle and use six unique weapons and powerful skills." There will be 16 different areas to tackle, more than 100 different enemies, and 20 legendary bosses to test your skills against.

The studio expects the game to last roughly 20 hours, but NPCs with side quests can prolong that playtime further. "Not only are those quests designed to test you, they’ve been designed to add to the game’s lore, enriching the story of the King of Darkness’ journey to regain the power of Aeterna." We can't help but wonder if the name is influenced by Final Fantasy — it certainly wouldn't look out of place within one of those worlds.

While the accompanying gameplay trailer reveals what looks like a somewhat wonky UI, the actual action on screen doesn't look too bad at all. Are you interested in Aeterna Noctis? Share your first impressions in the comments below.