Necromunda: Hired Gun is running and gunning its way to a digital release date of 1st June 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PS4, which means it's time to take stock and see what your canine partner brings to the table. We'll let the trailer do the talking, but it looks like you'll be able to direct the aggressive pup to attack enemies and upgrade it with implants. These enhancements don't appear to be pricy either, with equipment attached to its head, body, and paws that can be souped up.

Accompanying those key details are more slices of fast and frantic combat that reminds us of DOOM Eternal — this looks like a game worth keeping your eye on. There's at least a grappling hook and wall-running so that's all pretty cool. Again, Necromunda: Hired Gun hits PS5 and PS4 digitally on 1st June 2021. A physical release will then follow 30 days later for both consoles.

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