After first releasing for PlayStation VR and then ported over to PS4 to be playable without a virtual reality headset, The Persistence Enhanced will now launch for PS5 on 4th June 2021 as an upgraded version of the original experience. If you own the original PS4 version, you'll be treated to a free upgrade, allowing you to access support for the DualSense controller and a new Quality Mode that's all about Ray-Tracing on PS5.

As part of a press release, managing director Graeme Ankers said: "We’re really excited to debut The Persistence on next-generation hardware, bringing improvements that intensify the immersive stealth horror for both existing players and newcomers alike." If you don't already own a PS4 copy, you'll be able to pick up a PS5 digital version over on the PS Store or grab a physical copy across Europe that is being distributed by Perp Games.

When we reviewed the PSVR version of The Persistence back in 2018, we awarded it a 7/10 in the Push Square review and said: "The Persistence cleverly blends Dead Space-esque outer-space sci-fi scares with the addictive arcade loop of rogue-lites like Rogue Legacy, resulting in a PlayStation VR campaign that’s both gut-wrenching and weirdly replayable." It'll obviously lack the immersion of PSVR in the native PS5 version, but it's still a game more than worth checking out if you're into this sort of stuff.