PS5 PlayStation 5 Firmware Updates 1

Sony has, historically, always stuffed its firmware updates with “secret” features – and it looks like PlayStation 5 will be no different. The platform holder published a list of the biggest changes we can expect to find when the next-gen console’s big April update is introduced imminently – but don’t expect it to end there.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, the firm’s Hideaki Nishino hinted that “we’re only scratching the surface of the many updates and improvements we’ve made across PS5, PS4, and PS App”, and a lead gameplay programmer at PlayStation further teased on Twitter: “There are a lot of other nice little tweaks and improvements that aren’t listed here too. Hopefully you all enjoy it.”

While you shouldn’t expect any major features not already mentioned, we’re anticipating a lot of squashed bugs and some noteworthy quality of life improvements. Of course, we’ll break down all of the new features we uncover as soon as we’ve been able to go hands on with the update. Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping for?

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