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By far one of the biggest issues this author has had with the PlayStation 5 firmware since launch is how virtually every game deleted from the console would leave behind a little grey box before the PS Store icon. There were ways to resolve this: you could begin reinstalling the game and then quickly cancel it, or you could rebuild the console’s database every time. Neither option, from our experience, solved the problem on every occasion.

Having spent 24 hours with the next-gen console’s April 2021 update, though, we’ve yet to encounter the issue. We’ve deleted a number of different games, both installed on our external HDD and on our PS5’s SSD, and we haven’t been able to replicate the bug. Digital Foundry has also reported similar findings. While we still want to spend a bit more time testing this, we’re fairly confident that the problem has now been resolved.

The new PS5 firmware update, in fact, is filled with small little tweaks and quality of life improvements you may not be aware of – we’ve compiled a complete list through here. Have you encountered any problems while deleting your games since installing the new system software? Drop some debris in the comments section below.