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Here’s a really irritating PlayStation 5 bug that Sony needs to fix: some games get pinned to the start of the main menu when you delete them. Obviously, when you’re managing your storage space, you generally want to remove the software from your system entirely. But while the next-gen console will delete the game from your SSD or external HDD, it’ll occasionally keep the remnants of the title and stick it right at the start of your game ribbon.

The only method we’ve found to remove these annoying artefacts is to begin re-downloading the release in question and then immediately cancel the procedure. In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, as pictured in the example above, we had to reinsert the PlayStation 4 Blu-ray disc, partially install it, and then back out again. It’s a really irritating set of steps for something that ultimately shouldn’t happen, and we hope a future firmware update will fix this.