Marvel 1

Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios is no stranger to superheroes, given it’s owned by Warner Bros overlord AT&T and has been working on DC Comics fighter franchise Injustice for a few years now. However, in what would be a surprise twist, there’s speculation that the team may be tackling a Marvel fighting game next.

The likes of Spider-Man have appeared in fighting games before, most notably in the Marvel vs Capcom series. But the previous entry Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite generally disappointed, and NetherRealm Studios effectively guarantees commercial success these days. While it’s true that Disney and Warner Bros are technically competitors, TT Games has licensed both Marvel and Star Wars for its various LEGO games.

That said, the source for this story is shaky: Daniel Richtman, a comic book and movie snoop, is the one putting his neck on the line. He claims that the title is in development for PlayStation 5, with no mention of PS4 at all. That wouldn’t be unusual for NetherRealm Studios: Mortal Kombat X was originally planned for PS3, but the studio ultimately decided to focus on the latest round of hardware available at the time, effectively canning its cross-gen release.

The interesting thing about this story is that boss Ed Boon was asked about a potential Marvel game in an interview with Game Informer a couple of years ago, and he admitted that conversations had taken place. “I probably shouldn’t talk about it,” he said, when probed for more information. Obviously, that’s not enough evidence to corroborate this rumour, but we have a sneaking suspicion there could be some truth behind this one.

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