The explosive finale to Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk map is now over and done with, ushering in the start of Season Three and a new look for the Battle Royale experience. Users took part in events across Wednesday and Thursday, with the first day dedicated to setting off a nuke in Verdansk and dealing with the aftermath. Narrative-wise, the location was being overrun by zombies and so the time-limited mode which helped kickstart this two-day process saw players try to survive an overwhelming horde of the undead.

The community eventually had to make its way to the Dam location for extraction while anyone who died turned into a zombie. Essentially a repeat of last year's Halloween event in design, zombies could cover vast distances and infinitely respawn. No matter how well you performed in the match, however, the nuke was always activated and thus destroyed Verdansk as we know it. You can catch the ensuing cutscene below.

Activision then used this as an opportunity to send players to Rebirth Island with another time-limited mode set at night featuring a new area. The Construction Site location had completed its work and Control Center was born. Clues were hidden throughout the map, which once found, pointed fans towards a teaser website for the new map. Images of the new Superstore and Farmland locations were shared as well as teasers for the new Gulag and announcement trailer.

Fast forward 24 hours or so and events once again kicked off with a second time-limited mode. Heading back to Rebirth Island once more, the playlist took place 10 minutes before the events of Verdansk's nuclear launch. Players had to "Seize the Device", which spawned on the roof of Prison Block. Any squad then had to keep hold of the objective until a bar filled to 100%, but with respawns enabled, it meant the entire lobby was hunting that single player. Whoever held the device once the bar completely filled were able to activate the nuke in Verdansk, with that team blamed for the destruction. A cutscene then rolls back the years and presents the new Verdansk map in 1984.

While the playing area does look fairly similar in places, it features seven brand new areas, another five pre-existing locations have been revamped, and the season has changed to Spring. Every single building on the map is also said to have been updated. Do you like the new map so far? Share your first impressions in the comments below.