Isn't this peaceful? Upcoming PlayStation 4 title Biomutant has released a new trailer ahead of its release on 25th May 2021 that focuses entirely on its open world. There's no combat, conversations, or actions to speak of here — it's just relaxing traversal and exploring. Perfect for a breezy weekend once the title launches. Take a look at the trailer above.

We catch glimpses of dilapidated buildings set against the sunrise, some impressive little villages, and snowy areas which could result in a cold. Vehicles also feature, showcasing what the Biomutant can use to get around quicker. There's an airship, a sort of jet ski, a horse made of bones, a gigantic bat, and some sort of mechanical hand, among others. Yeah, Biomutant looks pretty cool. Don't forget it will cost £54.99/$59.99 for a digital copy upon release.

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