Remember role-playing game BioMutant? The title caused quite a stir when it was announced a couple of years ago, but it’s been missing in action ever since. Fortunately, publisher THQ Nordic and developer X101 have reassured fans that the PlayStation 4 title is still very much making progress, with an enormous 10-minute gameplay trailer.

The video showcases tons of footage from the release, including combat, exploration, trading, and crafting. While there’s no release date in the video – it simply says that it’s “coming when we’re happy with it” – creative director Stefan Ljungqvist told IGN that it’s in the “end phase of development” and that it’s currently focused on “user experience and primarily squashing bugs”.

He continued: “In a massive game like this – like I said it’s very big, it’s the largest game that I’ve ever worked on – you will have issues, you will have technical challenges to overcome, and artistic [challenges], too. But at this stage of the product, we’re cleaning out, we’re squashing bugs, and trying to make these end decisions on making sure that the player understands what to do.”

Ljungqvist explained that giving players freedom is great, but it can also be overwhelming. As such, it’s trying to streamline the title a little bit for those who may need an extra helping hand. “You can really go anywhere you want in this world,” he said. “But that’s also a challenge for those that might be needing more help or guidance, so we’re working on that.”

No date, then, but tons of new footage to pore over. Are you still looking forward to this game? Go guns blazing in the comments section below.

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