Best PlayStation Music March 2021

What’s a new month mean? That’s right! A new month means a new music recap! The PlayStation 5’s been out for a number of months now, and some people have even been able to get them. So what better way to demonstrate that than with a handful of great soundtracks that you can… also experience on a PS4?


Graceful Decay’s recursive puzzle game is a visual treat. With vibrant colours and beautiful environments, it’s almost easy to forget that the game has a really great soundtrack as well. Comprised of a choice selection of licensed tunes that are narratively relevant ,as well as an original score from Cody Predum.

Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse

Stubbs is a fascinating, bizarre relic of what gaming once looked like. This extends to just about every facet of the experience too. Take the rhythm game boss fight that occurs early on. It’s not just enough to have a music fight, the team behind this crazy brain-munching title also got a number of popular bands to record radio classics from the 60s. Ever wanted to hear Earth Angel performed by Death Cab for Cutie? This is the game for you! And that’s not even mentioning the really great original score from Michael Salvatori, a name quite a few gamers would probably recognise from Bungie’s Destiny titles.

Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld is a truly strange game. Amidst all of the confounding design decisions surrounding the bizarre platformer, there are at least kernels of good ideas. Like the music. The soundtrack composed by Ryo Yamazaki and Hironori Anazawa is excellent, providing a marvellous soundscape to the game’s… less than ideal control scheme.

And there we go! We’re starting to get close to a slew of big games – Returnal, Resident Evil Village, Deathloop, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – so things are sure to continue picking up for noteworthy scores. As we get closer to the warm weather, surely some games will follow, right?