Apex Legends is one of the most noteworthy Battle Royale titles to hit PlayStation 4 over the past few years, introducing and standardising the Ping system as well as offering a fantastic experience in general. Respawn Entertainment will soon be expanding beyond that fight for first place, however, as an all-new Arena mode ushers in a more traditional multiplayer undertaking. This takes the form of a permanent new mode being added on 4th May 2021 which pits teams of three against one another across brand new maps.

It's an entirely different playlist on the main menu and seemingly acts a lot like Counter-Strike and Valorant. "You’ll face off against the enemy without any other squads coming to crash the party—allowing you to focus on surviving and winning the fight. You’ll compete over multiple rounds, striving to be the last squad standing each time." Rounds will begin by you selecting equipment, weapons, and any upgrades you need inside a menu, spending materials you earned during the previous bout. The match is then won by eliminating the enemy team — respawns are disabled — and staying clear of the enemy by two points after victory across three rounds.

As far as your abilities are concerned, Ultimate and Tactical skills can only be used a limited number of times. They won't recharge in the Arena mode, meaning you'll have to carefully consider when they should be utilised. And then there are the maps, which feature entirely new locations as well as returning areas from Kings Canyon, World's Edge, and Olympus. "The design goal for custom maps is to emulate the tactics and strategies used in BR within a symmetrical, competitive space."

The blog post continues: "Arenas is first and foremost about proactive combat and that means creating spaces that give you plenty of room to analyze the other team, make meaningful choices, and utilize your Legend’s capabilities to come out on top." The two new maps are Party Crasher and Phase Runner. Will you be checking out Apex Legends' new Arena mode in-game on 4th May 2021? Share tactics in the comments below.

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