It worked in Super Mario Odyssey, so why can't it work for Lumote? The latest title from publisher Wired Productions sounds like it borrows somewhat heavily from Nintendo's famous plumber by allowing you to take over and control the inhabitants of the deep sea in order to solve puzzles. You'll directly take advantage of the abilities each underwater character possesses, which sounds like the role of Cappy. Otherwise, Lumote is its own thing and comes to PS4 later in the year. Check out the reveal trailer above for more context.

A single open-ended environment will play host to more than 50 puzzles, with progression gated by towers that require completion before the next set of brain teasers unlocks. All of them are said to feature "clever and logical level design [that] ease players in whilst increasing the complexity with each Mote you meet". As Lumote, your puzzling quest to find the Mastermote "will take you on a majestical electronica soundscape journey".