Resident Evil Village PS5 PlayStation 5 1

One thing we’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that, franchises like Call of Duty and NBA 2K aside, PlayStation 5 file sizes are getting smaller. There’s a new Watch Dogs Legion patch, for example, which goes up to 19GB on Xbox platforms – but it’s just a tickle over 2GB on Sony’s next-gen console. And it looks like Resident Evil Village may be the next major release to have a smaller footprint than expected, as it’ll supposedly weigh in at just 27.325GB – prior to any patches, at least.

The figure comes courtesy of Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, which crawls Sony’s servers for patch data and pre-loads. As alluded, the above figure could increase closer to launch once any inevitable day one updates are applied, but that’s a very manageable file size if it turns out to be accurate. It’s worth noting that the Xbox install will weigh in at a shade over 50GB, so it’s almost taking up half the space on PS5.

One of the things the Japanese giant promised prior to release is that, despite an increase in visual fidelity, the uber-fast SSD within the system should make for smaller installs. Obviously, with just 825GB available, this is very much a necessity – but it’s also good news for people with bandwidth caps or slower Internet speeds, as it’s much more manageable downloading files of this size. We’ll check in with Capcom to ensure the number’s accurate, and will update if we learn more.