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There’s always been chatter about how many players actually finish games – particularly long ones, like Ghost of Tsushima. Sony has certainly stumbled on some secret sauce when it comes to its first-party software, however, as completion rates are through the roof for many of its titles. The statisticians over Ungeek noted that a whopping 50.2 per cent of players have unlocked the Mono No Aware Trophy in Sucker Punch’s historical sandbox, which is awarded when you beat the main storyline.

Now obviously this data only takes into account users who have synced their Trophy data with the PlayStation Network, but even then it’s a phenomenal result. In fact, it’s among the highest competition rate for any open world game on the PlayStation 4 – only fellow exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man is higher, at 50.8 per cent, but that’s also a shorter game. The likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Watch Dogs 2, for comparison, sit below 30 per cent.

So, what does this tell us? Well, perhaps most importantly, that Jin’s story captivated players through to its conclusion. But in addition to that, we can surmise that players really enjoyed the game, and didn’t tire of the core gameplay loop as they progressed through the campaign. A sequel seems inevitable, as Ghost of Tsushima has proven to be a ginormous commercial hit – did you finish this game, and would you be interested in a follow-up?