Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? UK readers will be able to relate: a drizzly Saturday evening is nothing without a mug of Bovril and an old episode of Midsomer Murders on the box. Good news, then: ex-Apple Arcade exclusive Murder Mystery Machine will investigate PlayStation 4 later this year, with Microids on publishing duties.

The game sees you join the District Crime Agency, with your mission being to help two detectives – a rookie and a veteran – to solve several cases. “It all begins when politician Frank Daniels is found dead in what looks like a burglary,” the blurb explains. “Our two heroes will soon find themselves involved in a series of complex and interconnected crimes. Will you be up to the challenge and uncover the truth?”

The plot’s been penned by various movie and television writers, and you’ll need to work overtime to discover every clue and determine what it means. This game attracted pretty decent reviews on iOS, and while we’re concerned about how the touchscreen controls will be tailored to the DualShock 4, we’re looking forward to solving a murder – or three.

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