Knockout City didn't have the best debut trailer in the world, but after seeing some gameplay, it's looking pretty good. In case you don't recall what the game's all about, it's a multiplayer action game from Velan Studios and EA Originals in which you'll, well, knock out other players with dodgeball style action.

In this new trailer, we get a good overview of what to expect from the gameplay, with an in-game DJ giving us the lowdown. Smacking opponents with a well-placed throw will give you a KO, but it looks like there will be plenty of advanced tactics; you can catch incoming balls and send them back where they came from, you can curve your shots to confuse enemies, and can even perform fake-outs to really catch people out. What's more, players can roll up into a ball and be thrown by teammates. This sounds mad, but it lets you get places much faster, plus seems to allow the use of some more powerful attacks.

We're kind of into it — there's definitely potential for a super fun multiplayer game here. Fortunately, we may be able to find out if it holds water pretty soon. An open beta test is coming to PlayStation 4 from 2nd to 4th April, cross-play with other platforms.

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