We loved a good ghost tour here at Push Square when we were allowed out of our houses, patrolling the streets at night with a tour guide dressed like they're out of the 1800s. However, very rarely do they go wrong. It falls into the hands of Retrace: Memories of Death to tell that troubling tale on PlayStation 4 this week then at a price of $7.99. Check out the gameplay trailer above for a bit more context.

This 2D mystery adventure title is said to blend logic-based puzzles and action sequences with visual novel-esque storytelling. "When a ghost tour goes horribly wrong, Freya and her friends find themselves in a strange and unforgiving alternate world, one that desires their death. Take the role of Freya as she seeks a way out and discovers the ability to rewind time, giving her a chance to test new paths and make different decisions in a bid for their survival."

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