If you think the soccer season is long, then the baseball season takes the biscuit. Teams need to play 162 games – and that’s excluding Spring Training and the Post-Season. Playing through a full season is downright exhausting, then, which is why MLB The Show introduced the March to October mode: a truncated, simplified alternative to Franchise which plunges you into “key moments”.

MLB The Show 21 will plot the return of this feature, although there will be some key improvements. For starters, you’ll have greater control of your roster, meaning you’ll be able to pull in personnel from the Minor Leagues in order to improve your squad. Looking at the menus, it looks like multi-season March to October campaigns may be possible this time around as well.

As always, this trailer featuring the franchise’s infamous puppets is a little light on details, but the key takeaway is that the mode is back with additional depth. Will you be taking your favourite team to the World Series? Step up to the plate in the comments section below.

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