Once upon a time, there was an initiative called Xbox Live Indie Games, which effectively allowed hobbyist game makers to publish software on the Xbox 360 without requiring a publisher. A handful of noteworthy titles emerged as part of the initiative, including Shoot 1Up by a team called Mommy’s Best Games. We’re going back a decade here, by the way.

This was a shooter with a twist, which encouraged you to collect 1Ups in order to add additional space-crafts to the screen. Shoot 1Up DX builds upon the original version, with remastered art and extra levels. It’s due out on 11th February for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, although we reckon it’s referring to backwards compatibility with regards to Sony’s next-gen console. We’ll check.

“I love Sony consoles and having our multi-ship, robot-fighting armada blasting its way onto PS5 and PS4 is a complete thrill,” lead designer Nathan Fouts exclaimed in the game’s press release. “Shoot 1UP DX is a jolt of retro fun, but also very accommodating to players new to the genre.” You can check out a trailer embedded above.

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