The Medium Game

The Medium is the next big game from Layers of Fear, Blair Witch studio Bloober Team, and as of right now, it's not coming to PlayStation 5. Announced only for Xbox Series X|S and PC, it's the first notable console exclusive of 2021 from either Microsoft or Sony. Given the fact the game is developed and published by a third-party team that has dabbled in the past with exclusivity, however, there was always going to be questions over whether or not The Medium will actually stick to its confirmed platform destinations.

VG247 posed the question to producer Jacek Zięba, who gave pretty much nothing away. When asked, he simply said the following: "For now we are just focusing on Xbox and PC." Zięba doesn't rule the possibility out entirely by choosing to bring the topic of conversation back to Microsoft's own points of entry. The funny thing is that Push Square was given the exact same answer when the question of Blair Witch coming to PlayStation 4 was brought up following E3 2019. Just four months after we asked, the game was confirmed for Sony's last-gen console. So, will The Medium also come to PS5? We can't say for certain, but we wouldn't be surprised if we're playing this ourselves six or so months down the line. Such is the nature of these deals — a tactic Sony also regularly employs.