One announcement from Microsoft's E3 2019 presentation that caught our attention was Blair Witch, a first person survival horror based on the famous found footage film franchise. It's being developed by Bloober Team, the folks behind Layers of Fear, which seems a solid fit. A new trailer for the spooky title has just been released, which you can watch above, and the game is out on PC and Xbox One in just over a month. But what about PlayStation 4? Is this new game making its way to Sony's console?

The answer is unclear, although we think it'll happen sooner or later. Speaking with a PR rep, we were told the following with regards to Blair Witch coming to PS4: "We are concentrating on PC and Xbox One at this time." Those last three words seem to imply that a PS4 release isn't off the table -- perhaps we're looking at a timed exclusive here. We wouldn't be surprised to see the horror title make the leap to Sony's machine later down the line.

What do you think? Will Blair Witch haunt PS4 at some point? Are you interested in playing this creepy title? Go down to the woods in the comments below.