Tales from the Borderlands PS4 PlayStation 4

Tales from the Borderlands is an interesting project. Developer Telltale Games took a franchise primarily focused on action and extracted an entertaining story, told across five episodes. Right now, it appears to be unavailable on PlayStation Store, but it looks like it'll be coming back in some form on PlayStation 5.

PEGI, the establishment that rates video games across Europe, has rated a PS5 version of Tales from the Borderlands. It's listed on the rating board's website, along with the versions on older formats. It looks like it was rated back in the middle of December, which leads us to believe we'll hear official word on this soon.

From where we're sitting, this seems like a fairly straightforward re-release, rather than anything too fancy. Still, we won't truly know until the publisher makes the announcement; perhaps it will be enhanced in some way.

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