Don't let Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One slip off your radar as the release schedule in 2021 begins to slowly get its gears turning ā€” this looks set to be the best detective title Frogwares has put out yet. Planned for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, this cross-gen title brings back the open-world structure of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter and couples it with an origin story packed full of content. The Q&A video above mentions more than 40 hours of playtime if you want to complete each and every side quest.

There will be five main quests to solve, which are all linked together via one continuous story. Then there are more than 30 side quests to complete, some of which are supposedly just as deep as what the main plot has to offer. They can be picked up across the island as and when you like, bringing a sense of freedom to the equation. Those tasks will also give way to choices that heavily impact the story and its ending. "All main quests and most side quests will have different outcomes based on your deductions, choices, as well as moral choices. And of course, the game itself will offer several different endings."

The informative video then touches on disguises, voice acting, and clothing if you're interested in learning more. Will you be suiting up as the famous detective in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One later this year? Don't forget your magnifying glass in the comments below.