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It’s an unprecedented set of circumstances, really: an illegal data breach on sensitive Capcom material means that Resident Evil Village spoilers are becoming a reality for franchise fans. There were already leaks pertaining to the plot and ending of the game, and this week more footage was uploaded to YouTube showing an encounter with the series’ Alcina Dimitrescu. That’s the really tall lady, if you’re not yet familiar with her name.

While the publisher was swift to remove the clips, videos like this rarely remain buried for long. We’re not going to detail the content of the footage or link to any mirrors in this article, but we are going to warn you: there are some pretty major spoilers floating around right now, so we recommend exercising extreme caution when searching for information on the game or browsing YouTube. It sucks, but this is where we’re at.

So far, Capcom has refused to meet the demands of the ransomware attackers, which has resulted in the release of seriously sensitive information, like the publisher’s planned release schedule up to 2024 and much more. The company believes that almost 390,000 items of personal information may have been compromised, including names, birth dates, telephone numbers, and addresses. It’s bad, and obviously the authorities are now involved.