Resident Evil Village Ps5 Ps4.original

The ongoing Capcom hack took another turn for the worse overnight as Resident Evil Village was supposedly leaked in its entirety with multiple clips posted online. This comes off the back of a leak claiming to be a spreadsheet detailing the publisher's entire release schedule for the next couple of years. Roughly 20 cutscenes have made their way onto the Internet, one of which is said to be the ending. We won't be sharing those videos here on Push Square and we ask you don't post them in the comments section either.

Therefore, take this as a bit of a PSA: Resident Evil Village spoilers are out there so beware of speculative YouTube videos and wider articles. What makes this worse is that we don't even know when the PlayStation 5 title is expected to release — Capcom hasn't dated the game just yet. That means we may have to dodge these leaks and spoilers for months on end. Let's hope it's closer to launch than we might think and that this hacking situation is sorted soon.