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Capcom has confirmed that it’s been subject to a devastating ransomware attack, which has exposed game details, employee data, and much more. As part of a press release published earlier today, the Japanese publisher explained that it’s been the victim of a “customised ransomware attack”, with upwards of 350,000 items of personal information at stake.

The firm has already verified that “sales reports, financial information, and nine items of personal information from current and former employees” have been exposed, but there may yet be more data revealed, including the personal information of customers, business partners, applicants, and staff, including phone numbers and shareholder numbers.

The one underlying positive is that the publisher is confident no credit card numbers have been exposed, but this is still enormously damaging for the organisation. Unannounced plans – such as the existence of a new Ace Attorney collection for the PlayStation 4, as well as a tentative April 2021 release date for Resident Evil: Village – have also emerged online.

In fact, so comprehensive is this leak that we also now know Sony paid $5 million for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard’s exclusive PlayStation VR mode, while Google coughed up $10 million to get the survival horror series on Stadia. The worry is that the worst is yet to come, as BBC News reports that Capcom has not paid the ransom fee to retrieve the data.

No doubt this will now become the subject of a criminal investigation, while it’s hired third-party security specialists to inspect its systems and offer advice. “Capcom would once again like to reiterate its deepest apologies for any complications or concerns caused by this incident,” a statement said, reiterating that it will pursue legal options regarding the criminal activity that’s occurred

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