Remember when console manufacturers had a thing for translucent tech? Whether it was controllers or the consoles themselves, having a sort-of see-through shell allowed you to get a peek under the hood β€” and it looked cool at the same time. Sony brought this back for PlayStation 4 with the dark blue 500 million edition PS4 Pro, and it's an extremely handsome bit of kit.

Well, if you thought these translucent boxes looked good, what about a straight-up transparent one? In the above video, YouTube channel The Q builds a completely clear PS2, allowing you to see every inch of the console's innards. They start by dismantling a regular black machine, and essentially replace the opaque plastic with transparent acrylic. We love the finishing touch of scratching the PS2 logo into the top.

The end result is pretty darn cool, wouldn't you agree? What do you think of a see-through console? Be crystal clear in the comments section below.