If ever there was a title perfectly matched for PlayStation VR, then it’s unquestionably Hitman 3. The stealth assassination sequel is not only enormous – compiling all of the content of Hitman and Hitman 2 alongside its roster of new sandbox stages – but it also marries virtual tourism with outstanding stealth action. In virtual reality, every kill is going to feel personal.

This new trailer showcases just what’s in store for you when you play the title with a PSVR headset equipped. You can tap the shoulders of enemies to attract their attention, physically slam piano lids on the heads of foes, and drop guards to their death. It looks like an enormous amount of work has gone into this, and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves.

The only real caveat is that you’ll need to play the PlayStation 4 build to enjoy the virtual reality experience, as the PlayStation 5 version isn’t compatible. Obviously you can still have both editions installed on your next-gen console, but it’s an unnecessary complication, and it means the PSVR experience won’t benefit from all of the visual and performance improvements of the PS5 edition.

Still, we can’t wait to try this and wield Agent 47’s infamous fibre wire for ourselves. Due to age restrictions, YouTube has irritatingly prevented us from embedding the video on this page. Check out the trailer embedded above, and let us know if you’ll be digging out your PSVR headset to give this a try later in the month.

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